3-day National workshop on 'Puppetry'

Nirmala Institute of Education, Altinho, Panaji- Goa, in association with the National School of Drama, New- Delhi, had organised a 3-day National Workshop on Puppetry for teachers and teacher trainees from 23rd August to 25th August 2021. The Workshop was conducted under IQAC of NIE under the guidance of the Principal, Dr. Delia Antao;  and Ms. Anagha Deshpande, Assistant Professor and Workshop Co-ordinator. The objective of the workshop was to integrate theatre into subject pedagogies, in order to make the teaching-learning process more effective and enjoyable. 
Mr. Arun Kumar Mallik, Assistant Professor at the National School of Drama, New Delhi, was the resource person for the workshop. He was formally welcomed by Ms. Suvarna Gauns, Associate Professor and the IQAC Co-ordinator on the first day. A variety of puppets such as shadow puppet, string puppet, rod puppet, finger and glove puppet, were introduced to the participants along with its history, highlighting the fact that puppets have been an integral component of Indian culture.On day one, the participants learnt to create two types of hand puppets.
On the second day of the workshop, Mr. Mallik taught the participants to make various types of animal rod puppets that entailed an element of motion, which made these inanimate objects visually appealing and appear life-like. 
The third day of the workshop concluded by demonstrating the making of a face puppet. The participants actively participated and sent photographs and videos of the puppets created. Mr. Mallik was encouraging and utilised easily available household items to create the puppets. In addition, he also suggested a list of alternate materials that could be utilised.
The valedictory ceremony was held in presence of the Director In- charge of the National School of Drama, Mr. Dinesh Khanna, who was amazed by the quality of work accomplished through a 3-day virtual workshop and promised further collaboration with Nirmala Institute of Education.
A positive feedback was obtained from the participants, who were also delighted to receive participatory e-certificates.312 certificates were received  by the participants from various states of India.