Kitchen Garden on the campus

The Eco Club of Nirmala Institute of Education organised a Vegetable Seed Sowing activity on the 4th of August, 2022 in the college campus. The activity was organised with the initiative of Sr. Olga Vaz, Vice President of DHM, in collaboration with Zonal Agriculture Office, Tiswadi Goa. This activity was guided by Mr Amay Naik, (Field Assistant) and Mr Sidhant Vangarmak, (Area Technology Manager) in the presence of the Eco club mentors, Ms Daniella Colaco and Mrs Shylaja Sherief, Ms Myra Ribeiro, (Admin staff, NIE) and gardener Mr Dilip Kankonkar. The main purpose of this activity was to teach the members the techniques in sowing and nurturing different types of crops. The various ways of raking the soil to prepare the beds for sowing and the technique to treat the seeds using fungicides before sowing was demonstrated. They were also briefed on tips to nurture a plant post sowing. Seeds of bitter gourd, palak, maize, radish, ladyfinger, ash gourd and pumpkin were sown by the members of the Eco club during this activity.