Street play performance by F.Y.B.Ed.Teacher Trainees at Darbar hall,Raj Bhavan during 'Millet Utsav'

The First year B.Ed. Teacher Trainees of Nirmala Institute of Education, Altinho-Panaji  performed a Street play highlighting the importance and health benefits of millets, on the occasion of 'Millet Utsav' which was organised by the Directorate of Agriculture, Government of Goa as a celebration of International Year of Millets -2023 at Darbar hall, Raj Bhavan Goa on 4th October 2023.
The students through their performance created awareness of different types of  millets and their uses, adverse effects of fast food habits on children.Also, through the performance more focus was laid on nutritious values and health benefits of millets in the day today diet of every individual. 
The street play was performed under the guidance of Mrs. Suvarna P. Gauns, Associate Professor NIE Goa.