As part of the curriculum NIE-SWACHHATA ABHIYAN CELL has been initiating different programs for the students in campus.‘WORK WITH THE COMMUNITY’ in accordance to MGNCRE and the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) guidelines is the newest addition to the ongoing program.

Keeping in sync with the importance of Gandhian thoughts on cleanliness. The purpose of the campaign was to instill in each teacher trainee a sense of duty and obligation towards safeguarding nature. On the 19th of February the SWACCHATA ABHIYAN CELL of the Institute initiated the SAVE WATER CAMPAIGN sticker. Dr. Rita Paes (Director-NIE) , Dr. Delia Antao (Officiating Principal -NIE) and Mrs. Suwarna Gauns (Associate Prof.) were present, with the members of the faculty, and administration staff. The Sticker is designed by Mr. Raymond Pereira (Asst.Prof. Fine Arts). The sticker depicts a water drop in tears, pleading with much anguish to be saved or to perish. The sticker campaign was carried out by the Teacher Trainees in the various schools across Goa where they are in for a 4 months internship.