Workshop for Teachers

Title of the Workshop Date Day Resource Person
New Teaching Strategies (carry textbooks of subjects taught) 10/09/18 Mon Dr. Denzil Martins
Engaging every child in your classroom 20/09/18 Thu Mrs. Gayathri Konkar
Role of Art in Education 21/09/18 Fri Mr. Raymond Pereira
Science Process Skills 25/09/18 Tue Dr. Denzil Martins
Facilitating Learners’ Literacy Success (English Language Teaching) 03/10/18 Wed Ms Millie Pereira

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Workshop for Primary Teachers

Title of the Workshop Date Target Teachers
Engaging Every Child In The Class – Simple Ways To Maximum Participation
4/10/18 & 5/10/18 All
Teaching Division In A Fun Way – Repeated Subtraction, Concept Building
8/10/18 & 9/10/18 Math
Improve Learning In Large Classrooms – Collaborative Learning Strategies
11/10/18 & 12/10/18 All
Use of Powerpoint Presentation for effective teaching in Hindi (carry laptop)