Sensitization Programme on Mental Health by Tele Manas Goa

A significant and influential event aimed at raising awareness and offering insights on mental health was organized on October 12,2023. Experts and professionals from the ‘Tele MANAS’ came together for an event organized by the VIBGYOR Charitable Trust in collaboration with Nirmala Institute of Education.

The first speaker was Dr. Sneha Pokle, a Consultant Psychiatrist, who spoke about the complexity of the human mind and diverse cognitive processes. She spoke at length about depression, offering insightful information on how such patients feel and behave. Her openness in addressing these issues helped considerably to dim the stigma associated with mental illness.

Ms. Vidhita Naik, a psychiatric Social Worker in her very comprehensive presentation highlighted the responsibilities and difficulties encountered by counsellors. She stressed the significance of mental toughness in determining how one should respond to pressure, stress, and emergencies. In addition, Ms. Naik dwelt on how to manage emotional distress, how to gauge a potential suicide risk, and how to give mental health first aid.

Mr. Francis Viegas, President of the VIBGYOR Charitable Trust, spoke briefly on the charitable activities carried out by the VIBGYOR Charitable Trust. His statements emphasized the dedication of the group in providing aid to those in need and for creating a safe space for people dealing with mental health difficulties.

Dr. Delia Antao then made her personal observations about the key learnings of the programme. Her comments on the impact of the event and content gave more depth and resonance to the theme.

The event concluded with some of the trainees eagerly giving their feedback that was comprehensive and encouraging. Their perspectives on the content of the programme and the contributions of the speakers, underscored the vital importance of fostering discussions and implementing initiatives related to mental health.

On the behalf of the VIBGYOR Charitable Trust, the President, Mr. Francis Viegas presented mementos to the speakers of Tele Manas, to Mrs. Sulaxa Gawas, faculty PGDGC and co-ordinator for the programme and to Dr. Delia Antao, the officiating Principal of Nirmala Institute of Education on behalf of the Institute.